Why do we still teach that that the atomic bombings of Nagasaki/Hiroshima were moral?

Welcome to being a piece of shit. That is America. Where you simatutaneously preach against the nuclear weapons program of Iran and North Korea while simatanously describing how moral it was to bomb innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Take a step back from the nonsense.

Who is the evil one here?

The U.S. as of 1942 was not unfamiliar with the concept of suprise attacks. You’re talking about a nation that attacked native Americans through a long record of broken treaties.

Imagine a self-determining nation cut off from its oil supplies, as was the case when the US enacted an embargo on Japan in 1942. With oil as a necessity in the modern age, such an act is already an act of war.

Such evil North Korean people, for actually wanting to defend themselves against a nuclear armed state. How dare you attempt to resist, MUAHAHAHA! Only we, the good people of America, can ever use the bombs, because we have a track record of moral wars.

Such is the pyschotic mind of an American, brainwashed so deep into believing bombing innocents was a moral endevaor. When the rest of the world wants to defend against this American mental illness, can you really blame them?

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  1. I am a Christian and truly I believe that as an American, God looks down on us in pity and anger as we spread the filthy message that “the bombings were moral” in our schools. I think it is a nightmare and it’s about time that Asians stand up to this disgusting message

  2. I am a white guy and fuck the world I will do what I please! Bomb the shit out of Korea. Bomb the shit out of Iran. Fuck em all. You think I give a shit about morality? I do what the fuck I want, when I want. I bomb Muslims, so what… you think I didn’t know about the War in Iran and how we set up the Taliban? Of course I do, I just fucking want to be a mother fucking colonizer. It feels good, the chicks dig it when I act this way. Why wouldn’t I do it?

    You think I give a shit about Asians? Hell fucking no! I love how it’s taught in school. Ha I get it, we killed civilians, they killed solidier. I don’t give a fucking shit. I do what the fuck I want, when I want.

    This website is a fucking nightmare to me though. Imagine if other white Americans thought this way. He, that’s why I want it taught in school this way. Because I don’t want to be apologizing for the shit I did wrong. It’s easier if people believe that it was good, that way I can keep on doing what the fuck I want. Last thing I need is another white guy voting in some apologetic way. I am an alpha male, I don’t apologize. But these sympathetic motherfuckers who want to seek truth, fuck them they’re going to rain on my parade. It’s a good damn nightmare. Fuck you!

    1. Dude, stop writing these comments here. As white guys we have to stay united on the message: “these bombings were moral”. Don’t let them figure out what’s going on secretly inside us. If they figure out we know that we know it was evil, it’ll unite them.

      We have to divide and conquer the Asian people. The way to do that is make them fight amongst one another. It’s ideal to have AsianAmericans believe that it was “moral” to bomb the Japanese. Hahaha look it’ll make them self-hate and think we were the actual heroes of the war. Haha, but dude it won’t happen if you reveal our strategy so how do you delete the comments?

      1. Both of you are god damn idiots. Stop writing these fucking comments the magazine won’t delete them, you just revealed our whole strategy to anyone who reads it! The last thing we need is Asian people figuring out we are trying to divide and conquer them! Imagine if Asians loved themselves enough to the point where they knew that Japan was an actual Asian country, and they knew that as white people we decided to bomb not Japanese people but Asian people. They might start to figure us out.

    2. You are disgusting to not give a shit about anyone. When I immigrated to this country from Vietnam after the fall of Saigon, I thought that Americans were our allies. Us South Vietnamese fought alongside American GIs. We fought for our country, and were happy to come to this country to see what America would be like.

      I had it rough. Making ends meet not knowing any English was rough on me and my family, but we made it . Little did I know the people who I had fought alongside really saw me this way.

  3. Man I knew these jokes thought this way about us. I’m a 2nd generation Vietnamese man and I knew from the minute I got here that all Asians were the same in their eyes.

    So I got buff and started street fighting. Tomo Kono did a decent job as an American, gold medalist in Olympic weightligting.

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