Nonsense, Gibberish Words That Make No Sense and Are Absurd

To show you

Caucasoids from the west temporarily occupied East Asia not via genius military tacticians. That’s more something embodies by Genghis Khan. No, cacasoids pulled off their lesser conquest, (which they same to believe deserves an addition word colonization due to its economic component, however is not anywhere close to the level of conquest done upon them by Mongoloids when you compare how Mongoloids out-enslaved them numerically)

Let’s get this straight: one conquest was the lesser conquest, and it was the europid Conquests of Asia following their explorations following the Reconquista. Why?

Mongols out enslaved caucasoids numerically. By the soundest definition of a slave race,

Also, full disclosure it was not my earliest dreams as a child to be saying these things. I wanted to see a common humanity, a brotherhood. But I came to see the light on the deepest wishful thinkjngs of the Caucasoid race, who let’s the undeniably lowest race, the negroid slave race, fuck their wives for the entire world to see on PornHub and publishes it for all history to remember. In a sound soul trial, this lowness the Caucasoid commits shouldnt impact me, a Mongoloid, in any form besides lowering the Caucasoid race to around or slightly above the Negroid race ( because technically the Caucasoid race still has armies). However, in the deepest wishful thinkjngs of the Caucasoid, he began to think nonsense upon seeing his wife fucked by a descendent of a slave, and thought wishful thoughts such as:

“Throwing balls around all day must cancel out all conquest that has historically happened,”

Or “we can effectively cancel out the fact that negroids use the highest rate of steroids in their wishful thinking pursuit of cancelling our their enslavement and conquered peoples status by publishing wacko studies in highly circulated, totally ignoring the truth and the fact that women are supposed to be attracted to THE TRUTH, not lies even if they were widely disseminated”.

Once the initial act of filming was done, I the Caucasoid race decided to embrace complete stupidity and immorality, unable to accept it had become a bitch to virtually nearly all races of the world by taking such a step down

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