Why evil caucasoids don’t want to talk about Rocky Marciano


In the minds of wishful thinkers, once you hold a single international competition, all minds on Earth must now introduce a lie: ” that because we, one ethnicity on Earth, held a competition for all nation’s , we have now discovered which race is defjnjtely the best.”

it’s absurd and it’s mostly in the interests of incoherent descedents of slaves to think this way because they are the most inclined to have wishful thoughts that thekr truthful status as a conquered person could be cancelled out via single, staged, refereed event

of course it is absurd, eapexiialy when you consider how Arabs, who did slave raids onto coasts of Europe, have never done well in international . It’s because they didn’t enter. but it is known from history that that Arab who walks around today, well his daddys’ daddy’s daddys…. all the way back pillaged and raped and wrestled that cajcasoids

Wishful thinking Christians are j major deni about their moral standing in the eyes of God, and it is mostly these people,who live in the legacy of conquesr, are so eager to failinly try to prove utter falsehoods that they’d revive an ancient act of idiltar via Zeus worship in the Olympics in hopes of cancelling our the facts that in a natuealz coherent soul trial environment women after being unleashed from God’s law via post-feminism, will naturally become wet and attracted to strong men from socities and peoples whk have successfully enslaved them, not those who are conquered.

I say this repeadetly in my writingsz but it was never my dream to say these things. But I eventually came to realize the truth of the lowness of what Caucasoid souls and subconcious reasoning and slave underling souls of negroids should be exposed.

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