How Divine Will and Terrible Negroid Morality Led To A Multitude Of Slave Trades

There comes a point when a rational, uncompromised, and healthy soul eventually must come to grips with the realities of the observations he comes to make about the world. That reality undeniably indicates a godlessness and fundamental disobedience to God’s will in the negroid populations both diasporic and homeland in Africa.

In this article, we explore how God willed the victimhood, enslavement, and emasculation of the negroid race, and it was a holy, and righteous act that any uncompromising father who understands discpline will understand the necessity and great morality of a divine king who enforces His law when immoral low people push the buttons of disobedience to God.

The implications of this article are that God Himself is racist. He has to be. A bold statement, and a true statement.

Say there exists two populations in another world that the same God , Allah, sustains or manages. You can think of it as a parallel universe.

In this second, hypothetical world or parallel universe sustained by our great, one God, there exist two races: ethnicity A of purple feathered hominids, and ethnicity B of orange feathered hominids.

Ethnicity B acts in direct conflict with the moral principles and law laid down by our one God (who is also the God of this hypothetical universe). They sacrifice children to eat, they use drugs, and they break the law of the 5 days a month they were supposed to not work and rest to celebrate God (this hypothetical universes’s version of the Sabbath).

The fact that the feathers of ethnicity’s A and B are different is totally irrelevant in what our great, King Allah’s judgement would be of ethnicity B, the disobedient race. The color of the feathers is not what makes King Allah punish ethnicity B, it is the evil and disobedience in the souls of ethnicity B.

The Terrible State of Modern Negroid Morality

The Terrible State of Past Centuries Negroid Morality

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