Effective Parenting: A Forecast for The Future Based on How Good Dads Are

God Almighty knows, from the point-of-view of a human on Earth, by and large virtually everything there is to know. And one of those things is effective parenting.

Undounetdly I the author have no control of God. I make rational observations and analysis, that is all.

I observe a great acceleration in the disrespect given towards God the creator

Whixh leads to my forecast, on what I believe must inevitable must happen

as a father on Earth, if a child refuses to obey a moral command, there are several options:

  1. Punish
  2. Make sure the child understands,
  3. (bad option -> which turns out to be evil) ignore the child’s disobedience
  4. (Terrible, evil option) cave into

What is clearly the case is of negrkida is not number 2.

if in fact God’s will was to

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